Who Did the Art? Battle Cards – Lines

Original Art

The following artists have done original art for the game from Wave 3 onwards. Several may have also done art that was used prior to Wave 3.

Alex Milne

Alex Milne is an IDW comic artist famous for his work on the comic series More than Meets the Eye. The majority of Wave 1 + 2 cards take their art from this series, though some are earlier and come from the Transformers (2009) series or the Megatron: Origins mini-series. He contributed original art to Wave 4.

Wave 1
Armed Hovercraft
Computer Sabotage
Crushing Size
Crushing Treads
Data Pad
Disruptive Entrance
Emergency Maintenance
Force Field
Hunker Down
Ion Blaster of Optimus Prime
New Designs
Reinforced Plating
Salvage for Parts
Security Checkpoint
Swap Parts
System Reboot
The Bigger They Are

Wave 2
Bad Attitude
Erratic Lightning
Master Plan

Mining Pick
Recon System

Wave 4
Crude Club

Guarded Posture
Hazardous Shield
Increased Durability
Kinetic Converter
Lucky Vest
Medic’s Protective Field
Multi-Missile Pod
Pocket Processor
Soldier’s Blaster

Bryan Sevilla

Bryan Sevilla is part of Gunship Revolution Studios and worked on many cards in Wave 3, all coloured by Alen Rocha.

Wave 3
Backup Bag
Basic Combat Protocol
Battering Ram
Emergency Defense Field
Energy Pack
Erratic Energy Grenade
Fuel Cache
Laser Cutlass
Metal Detector
Personal Targeting Drone
RR Disruptor Blade
Smoke Cloak
Sturdy Armor
Urban Camo

Casey W Coller


Casey Coller is an IDW comic artist, mostly known for his cover work, and is the only line artist to contribute battle card lines for every wave of the game so far.

Wave 1
Combat Training
Static Laser of Ironhide

Wave 2
Field Communicator
Inferno Breath
Leap of Faith
Stunticon Swagger
Tech Research

Wave 3
Battlefield Report
Battlefield Scan
Callous Leadership
Covert Armor
Dampening Field
Defensive Formation
Device Virus
EMP Wave
Force Field
Heat of Battle
Heroic Team-Up
Hiding Spot
Micro Capacitor
Pep Talk
Pop a Wheelie
Reactive Armor
Reflex Circuits
Rock Toss
Scavenge the Battlefield
Special Ops Mission
Steady Shot
Take Cover
Two-Pronged Attack

Blaster vs Soundwave
Buzzsaw, Ravage, Frenzy Attack!
Inner groove
Intercept communications
Recover Cassette

(These are all the cards that are Soundwave themed; Josh Perez did all the Blaster themed cards)

Wave 4
Battlefield Incursion
Conversion Engine
Defensive Configuration
Energy Transfer
Erratic Cannon
Jam Signals
Opportune Offensive
Pincer Movement
Relentless Invasion
Showing Off
Stable Cover
Step Forward

Jeffrey Cruz

Jeffrey Cruz worked on Wave 4 of the card game, and did both lines and colours.

Wave 4
Even the Score*
Involuntary Promotion*
Sturdy Javelin*
Valuable Contract*

*also colours

Jen Santos

Jen Santos is part of Gunship Revolution Studios and did several cards in Wave 3.

Wave 3
Calculated Strike
Combat Dagger
Dismantling Claw
EM24 IR Laser Launcher


Jennyson worked on Wave 3 of the card game, and did both lines and colours.

Wave 3
Anticipation Engine*
Extra Padding*
Firecon Flame*
Ultra Magnus Armor

*also colours

Josh Perez

Josh Perez aka dyemooch, is mostly known for his colour work, especially for the IDW series Robots in Disguise. However he also contributed line-art to Waves 3 and 4. Not to be confused with Josh Burcham.

Wave 3
Compact Shield*
Frag Toss*
Full Loadout*

HV Electron Breacher*
LV Gamma-Disruptor Launcher*
Point-Defense System*
Spinner Rims*
W-5 Gyro Blaster*

*also colours

Blaster vs Soundwave
Daring Counterattack
Interpret the Airwaves*
Obstructive Rhythm*

(These are all the cards that are Blaster themed; Casey Coller did all the Soundwave themed cards)

Wave 4
Contract Contingency
Opportune Repairs
Overwhelming Advantage
War of Attrition

*also colours

Nick Roche

Nick Roche is a very popular Transformers artist most famous for his book Last Stand of the Wreckers; the game uses that book for a few cards in Wave 2, as well as a variety of other comics Nick has drawn. He has also contributed original art to Wave 4.

Wave 1
Blast Shield
Power Sword
Ramming Speed
Start Your Engines
Turbo Boosters

Wave 2
Defensive Driving
Scoundrel’s Blaster
Underhanded Tactics

Wave 4
Acute Reflexes
Blast Suit
Composite Armour
Designated Target
Head-On Collision
Hidden Fortification
Indestructible Sword
Kinetic Intensifier Whip
New Orders
Shoulder Holster
Special Delivery
Unflinching Courage
Wedge Formation

Sara Pitre-Durocher

Sara Pitre-Durocher is the main artist for the IDW series Til All Are One, and is an art director for VOLTA Studios. She’s probably more involved in every card than we think. She rocks.

Wave 2
Bashing Shield
Cooling Vents
Heavy Landing
Pep Talk
Secret Dealings
Sparring Gear

Wave 3
Squash them Like Bugs
Unconventional Flying Object

Wave 4
Adaptive Plating
Daring Escape
Dual Wield
Fight for Position
Terrifying Resilience*

Energon Edition
Bombing Run
Fusion Cannon of Megatron
Ion Blaster of Optimus Prime

*also colours

Umi Miyao

Umi Miyao did several cards in Wave 4, providing both lines and colours.

Wave 4
Heroic Resolve*
Sabotaged Armaments*

Energon Edition
Agility of Bumblebee*
Cargo Trailer*
Start Your Engines

*also colours


The following artists have only contributed to battle card artwork via art they drew for IDW comics; though some may have also done original character card art.

Andrew Griffith

Andrew Griffith is an IDW comic artist, most well known for his work on Robots in Disguise. All of his battle card art comes from that series. He has contributed original artwork for the Wave 4 character cards.

Wave 1
Battle Ready
Energon Axe
Fusion Cannon of Megatron
Handheld Blaster
Incoming Transmission
Inspiring Leadership
Piercing Blaster
Plasma Burst
Protected by Metroplex
Rapid Conversion
Team-Up Tactics

Wave 2
Aerialbot Formation
Combat Commands
Crash Landing
Decepticon Crown
Enforcement Batons
Focus Fire
Heavy Handed
Noble’s Blaster
Press the Advantage
Sonic Scramble
Spare Parts
Surprise Attack
Work Overtime

Andrew Wildman

Andrew Wildman is a comic artist who has been working on Transformers since the Marvel UK days. All cards featuring his art are taken from the IDW series Regeneration One.

Wave 1
Armored Plating
Cargo Trailer
Debilitating Crystal
Peace Through Tyranny
Tandom Targeting System
Treasure Hunt

Wave 2
Backup Beam
Electrified Spikes
Enemy Combat Analysis

Evasive Maneuvers
Field Repair
Security Console
Superior Jetpack

Atilio Rojo

Atilio Rojo contributed art to Robots in Disguise Issue 23; one Wave 2 card takes its origin from this issue.

Wave 2
Superior Cannon

Brendan Cahill

Brendan Cahill has pencilled various Transformers issues for IDW, a few have been used for Wave 1 + 2 cards.

Wave 1
Photon Bomb
Rapid Ascent

Wave 2
Rest and Relaxation

Corin Howell

Corin worked on several issues of Windblade Volume 2, which were used for a couple of cards in Wave 2.

Wave 2
Ancient Wisdom
Unlease Potential

David Daza

David Daza worked on Spotlight: Bumblebee, which was used for one card in Wave 1.

Wave 1
Agility of Bumblebee

E J Su

E J Su is an artist who used to work for IDW. Most cards take origin from the debut IDW mini-series Infiltration, though a couple are much later.

(Before I asked him to sign a copy of Energized Field for me, E J Su had no idea his art was used in a card game!).

Wave 1
Bug Bomb
Data Bank
I Still Function
Null-Ray of Starscream
Shock Absorbers

Wave 2
Energized Field

Guido Guidi

Guido Guidi is an artist whose work is used for both battle cards and character cards, all of which come from a large variety of sources.

Wave 1
Aerial Recon
All-Out Attack
Backup Plan
Bombing Run
Collateral Damage
Drill Arms
Equipment Enthusiast
Improvised Shield
Matrix of Leadership
Multi-Mission Gear
One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall
Repair Bay
Roll Out!
Strafing Run
Swap Missions
Thermal Weaponry

Wave 2
Attack Drone
Energon Slingshot
Fog of War
Escape Route
Improvised Shield
Mounted Missiles
Universal Network Access

Hayato Sakamoto

Hayato Sakamoto is an artist who worked on a few of the later issues of More Than Meets the Eye, which were used for a few Wave 1 cards.

Wave 1
Cybertonium Bow
Grenade Launcher

James Raiz

James Raiz worked on some issues in the Dark Cybertron crossover; one card takes its origin from this series. He also did some art for Maximum Dinobots that is featured on some Wave 1 cards.

Wave 1
Jaws of Steel

Wave 2
Reckless Charge

Klaus Scherwinski

Klaus did art for Spotlight: Wheelie, which was used for one card.

Wave 2

Livio Ramondelli

Livio is an IDW comic artist with an extremely distinctive style; only a couple of cards use his art.

Wave 2
Superior Plating
Tooth and Claw

Marcelo Matere

Marcelo Matere is a well known transformers artist; his art is used for a handful of battle cards, though mostly his work is used for character cards.

Wave 1
Body Armor

Height Advantage
Leap into Battle
Primary Laser
Ready for Action
Scrapper Gauntlets

Wave 2
Bolt of Lightning
Builder’s Tool
Intelligence Mission

Phil Jiminez

Phil Jiminez created the art for the Metroplex 2013 SDCC Exclusive; this art is used for one card in the Metroplex set.

Wave 1
Rally the City

Sarah Stone

Sarah Stone was the original artist for the first Windblade mini-series, which was used for a couple of cards in Wave 2.

Wave 2
Power Punch*

*also colours