Upcoming Tournament Interview: Gaming vs Cancer (Southampton UK)

Gaming vs Cancer is a gaming convention held at Southampton University, March 21st-22nd, with a Transformers TCG tournament run by yours truly on Sat March 21st. I talk to the convention organisers about the convention itself and what you can expect from the event. Continue reading Upcoming Tournament Interview: Gaming vs Cancer (Southampton UK)

Weekend Tournament: Elita-1

This weekend, the Elita-1 Blue Cars deck was put through it’s paces at two tournaments in Southampton (Dice in the City) and Brighton (Dice Saloon) plus extra games: 15 tournament games, 2 post-round games, 1 warm-up game, 2 casual games, for 20 games in total. Here’s the full deck list: Characters: Elita-1Wave 2 MirageWave 1 Red AlertSideboard: Novastar Actions:I Still Function x 3 Marksmanship x … Continue reading Weekend Tournament: Elita-1

Weekend Casual: Megatron Living Weapon

What’s happening, folks, how you flippin’ doing? It’s been a week of Wave 3, a week of deck building and the weekend is time to go and try out all the stupid piles of cards I’ve decided go well together. They probably don’t, but for a fleeting moment I can convince myself that they do. Friday night I went to Marc AKA El Scarscream’s flat … Continue reading Weekend Casual: Megatron Living Weapon