Gaming vs Cancer: Full Prize Information

Transformers TCG @ Gaming vs Cancer is only two weeks away. We hope you’re ready to have some fun and raise some money for Cancer Research UK! Whether you’re here to play the most powerful meta deck you can find, or you want to come down and kick some ass with your own janky brew, or you just want to have a few chill rounds of Transformers, we hope you find the convention to be a great experience!

The event is nearly sold out; if you haven’t bought a ticket yet, and want to come, you should buy that ticket now.

We’ve got a bunch of prizes. Here’s how you can get them:

Top 4 Prizes

Gold! …. gold …. Always believe in your sooooooooul!

We’ve already talked about these plenty but here they are just as a reminder.

1st Place: Takara Legends Octane + Ghost Starscream, Lunar Bee Promo Card
2nd Place: Golden Lagoon Perceptor, Lunar Bee Promo Card
3rd + 4th Place: Golden Lagoon Beachcomber OR Seaspray (whoever came highest in swiss will get to pick)

Participation Prizes
We have a ton of signed cards to give away at the end of the 5 round swiss. We have:

35 cards signed by line artist Nick Roche

34 cards signed by line artist Casey W Coller
(tfwiki, interview)

29 cards signed by colour artist Josh Burcham

28 cards signed by colour artist Billie M

25 cards signed by colour artist Krin Syn
(including 5 co-signed by Casey W Coller)

No matter what, you are absolutely guaranteed to go home with at least one card signed by Nick Roche and Casey W Coller, so long as you make it to the end of the fifth round.

These cards are being grouped in to sets of five, with most having one card from each artist. There are 29 sets in total, with 6 more signed cards not in any of these sets.

Here are three examples of sets:

As you can see, these are not in any way equal; one set has four rare cards, another set has six signatures across five cards, and the third has no cards signed by Krin Syn. Some sets might be more desirable than others. So how do we decide who gets to pick a set first?

We will first offer out sets of signed cards to players from the highest ranked to the lowest ranked, who are NOT in the Top 4 and who DO NOT have one of the following in either their main or side:

General Optimus Prime (either)
Optimus Prime Battlefield Legend
Sergeant Springer
Captain Jetfire
Major Shockwave
3 or more Wave 1 Insecticons

(Note this is not a ban list; we absolutely encourage you to play what you think will win the tournament outright, but we also want to give those who play ‘offbeat’ lists something to aim for too)

Once everyone from that group has taken a set, we will then give out sets to everyone else, starting with the lowest ranked player, up to the 5th ranked player.

The remain set(s) will be then mixed in with 6 further cards, and the losers of the Top 4 matches will get to pick from two sets, and then the remainder will be given to the Top 2. If we have a full 32 players, 2nd, 3rd and 4th will only get 3 cards, 1st will only get 2 cards.

Additional Prizes

Shiny Mirage Seacucumber holo-cards.

Krin Syn has given me three of these cards to give out. The first three lists I see that feature any Mirage or Skywarp character cards in either main or side will get one of these. If we have only two lists or fewer featuring these characters, I’ll just give them out randomly.

I have several prizes that I will be giving out on the day, and won’t be telling anyone how to win them until the event! Expect some surprises around Round #3.

Playmay with art from Dave West’s “Return to the Asylum”, drawn by Gustavo Vargas.

Gaming vs Cancer has some merch for sale – in particular I want to highlight the awesome looking playmats they have on offer. I’m definitely going to try and buy the Mad Max-esque design (above). You can pre-order merch too!

That’s it! Hope everyone has fun at the tournament and I’ll see you in two weeks.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some articles about players prepping for the tournament, and then after the event we’ll be giving a recap of how it went!

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